In 2016, Risk Management Group (Pty) Ltd was born out of the need for professional construction, health and safety, environmental and quality services in the built environment. When the company was conceived, it offered more than the current, primary services.

From 2016 to 2019, the offering included professional construction, health and safety, health, environmental and quality services in the built environment, which was incomplete. Fortunately, in 2020, the company managed to introduce a full suite of services, which includes but are not limited to health and safety skills training courses, Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) security training, Security guard services, HR, Accounting Services and Enviromental Management.

Risk Management Group (RMG) was established in 2016 as a SHEQ management consulting company to assist companies in the built environment; developers; construction firms; contractors and project managers.

We assist clients to eliminate fatalities, minimise injuries, and decrease illness by complying with:

  • The Occupational health and safety act 85 of 1993 and other related legislation;
  • SANS Codes;
  • International standards and
  • Bylaws.

Mr Ngubo is not only the Managing Director at Risk Management Group (Pty) Ltd but he is a Construction Health and Safety Manager, registered with SACPCMP as a PR Chsm, ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Implementer and Auditor, Legal SHE Compliance Auditor and PSIRA-registered security (grade A) and instructor.

He enhances client relationships through superior service, timely follow-ups, and successful project completion. In the health, safety, and environment (SHE) space, Mr Ngubo develops and provides technical and administrative direction on matters that bear critical importance to the overall business operations, objectives, and profitability of Blanket security and SHEQ solutions.

Mr Ngubo has a multidisciplinary skillset and a background that spans the built environment within the private sector and various utilities across different industries within the public sector. His skillset includes the ability to comprehensively advise clients on community consultation and stakeholder engagement processes. Furthermore, Mr Ngubo has developed exceptional negotiation and problem-solving skills, demonstrating a proven ability to manage and complete projects to the highest standards. Consequently, if you work with Risk Management Group (Pty) Ltd, you are in good hands. From the moment you partner with us, you can simply focus on your business – we will focus on your safety, health, environment, quality, and security.

We are well known for offering high quality and efficient services for all types of Startup, Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise (SMME) and Large Companies with Compliance, Health & Safety, Security, Accounting, Branding, Marketing and many more…