1.3.6 Disaster management

1.3.6 Disaster management

Disaster Management Organisation

Below is an example of a disaster management structure at a local municipality level.

Classification of a Local Disaster

The procedure for the classification of a disaster must be done in terms of Section 23 and 48 of the Bill.

In terms of Section 54(2) of the Bill, a district municipality and a local municipality may agree that the council of the local authority assumes primary responsibility for the coordination and management of a local disaster that has occurred or may occur in the area of the local municipality

Declaration of a Local State of Disaster

Whether or not an emergency situation is determined to exist, municipal and other agencies may take such actions under this plan as may be necessary to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants.

Declaration of a local state of disaster: In the event of a local disaster the Council of a municipality having primary responsibility may by notice in the provincial gazette declare a local state of disaster if existing legislation and contingency arrangements do not adequately provide for the municipality to deal effectively with the disaster; or other special circumstances warrant the declaration of a local state of disaster – Section 55(1)